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"The Playhouse has provided a great deal of education and entertainment for us and our family, from the moment we moved here in 1970 until now. Betty and Morse Johnson were some of the first friends we made in this city; it was at Morse's invitation that I was able to join the Board of Trustees, on which I served with pleasure for many years.

I believe that the Playhouse encourages learning and imagination, and it is one our community's rich artistic resources. Betsy's and my commitments are only appropriate because others who came before us made the quality of theatre we enjoy today possible. Now, it is our turn."
Paul G. Sittenfeld, 2017

"My husband and I became season subscribers early in our marriage. Coming to the Playhouse became our 'date night' and it was a special time for us to share. The arts are often underfunded, and it is very hard to provide quality programming if income is unreliable. We were happy to become Morse Johnson Society members to ensure that the Playhouse would be around for many others to enjoy. This legacy helps provide a firm foundation while acknowledging how important the Playhouse has been to my family."
Board Member, 2018

A New Stage

Rendering of new theatre

Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park has launched an initiative to raise funds to build a modern, state-of-the-art Mainstage Theatre Complex in our iconic setting in Eden Park. Read More

The Adventure of Supporting the Arts

Tom Breed

Tom Breed has been a Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park subscriber for 40 years and is making it possible for the Playhouse to continue to produce quality live theatre for years to come. Read More

From a Dream to Reality

Morse Johnson

Morse Johnson had a long history of support for the Playhouse. Today, he's remembered by a special group of people who are supporting the Playhouse well into the future. Read More

Making Philanthropy a Lifestyle and Career

Andrea Herzig

Andrea Herzig has made philanthropy not only a lifestyle, but a career. Her tenure as a nonprofit executive is only barely overshadowed by her impressive dedication as a volunteer in many other groups. The Playhouse is humbled to be a part of her estate plan. Read More

Header image of Bill Doyle (Lieutenant Roberts) and Joneal Joplin (Doc) in Mister Roberts. Photo by Jerry Naunheim, Jr.