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The Playhouse in the Park has developed a strong legacy of artistic excellence since our founding in 1960. Now in our 60th season, the Playhouse's future shines bright indeed—thanks to the foresight and generosity of some very special friends. These individuals and families have made a future commitment to the Playhouse through their estate plans.

The Playhouse recognizes their support through our Morse Johnson Society. Each year, members of the Morse Johnson Society:

  • Gather with other members for a special dinner featuring a guest artist
  • Receive invitations to attend special events for Playhouse donors
  • Have their names listed on our Morse Johnson Society Donor Wall, located in the Otto M. Budig Lobby, and in our playbills throughout the season

We are also happy to honor requests for those who wish to remain anonymous.

Click here for sample bequest language.

Current Members

Thanks to your vision and commitment to the Playhouse, we can continue to produce extraordinary theatre for Playhouse audiences of tomorrow. We are grateful to you for including the Playhouse in your estate plans.

This list recognizes members of the Morse Johnson Society as of September 27, 2019. For more information on joining or including the Playhouse in your estate plan, please contact Lynn Smith, CFRE, at 513-977-2067 or

Romola N. Allen
Henrietta Barlag
Roderick and Barbara Barr
Peggy Barrett
Mr. Neil Billman
Rosemary and Frank Bloom
Thomas J. Breed
Charlin and Peter Briggs
Jack G. and Rosemarie Brown
John and Peg Bruggeman
Susan and Burton Closson
Carol C. Cole
Richard and Theresa Curry
Guy and Cathy DeDiemar
Jackie Dieckman and Mike Camery
Mrs. James M. Edwards
Barbara Fitch
Susan S. Friedlander
Victoria Buyniski Gluckman
Mrs. Charles Goering
Madeleine H. Gordon
J. Frederick and Cynthia Gossman
Linda Greenberg
Jan and Herman Groshoff
Mary Hainline
Cheryl Harden-Love
Mrs. Robert J. Hasl
Robert and Judith Heaton
Mrs. Andrea and Dr. Edward Herzig
Karlee L. Hilliard
Andrew MacAoidh Jergens
Judith E. Johnson
M. J. Johnson
Jan and Jay Kalagayan
Winifred B. Kessler
David and Janice Klocke
Randolph and Patricia Krumm
Ms. Abby E. Langdon
Minor and Dan LeBlond
Terry Lemmerman
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Lyons
Jacqueline M. Mack
Richard and Sandy Manteuffel
James A. Markley, Jr.
David L. Martin
David Mason
Ron Matson and Daniel Young
Manuel D. and Rhoda Mayerson
Barbara and Kim McCracken
Charles and Joann Mead
James A. Miller
David and Diane Moccia
William J. and Mary G. Moran
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Morelli
Patti Myers and Alan Flaherty
Mort and Barb Nicholson
Richard and Julia Okenfuss
Jack and Marilyn Osborn
Charlotte and Robert Otto
Jenny and David Powell
Betty L. Prince
Pamela Reising
Ellen Rieveschl
Richard Rosenthal
Jack and Moe Rouse
Robert and Dell Ann Sathe
Mrs. Robert C. Schiff, Sr.
Mark and Rosemary Schlachter
Carol J. Schroeder
Digi France Schueler
John and Marsha Shields
Jerry and Betsy Shroat
Elizabeth C. B. and Paul G. Sittenfeld
Adrienne Angst Smith
Louise W. Spiegel
Francis and Susan Stanton
Charles L. Thomas, Jr.
Lynda A. Thomas
Sidney Thomas
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Todd
Marty Tomb
Margaret and Albert Vontz III
Daniel G. Walker
JoAnn and Paul Ward
Stuart Warshauer
Dr. and Mrs. Nelson B. Watts
Jim and Jo Ann Weber
Irwin and Barbara Weinberg
Barbara M. Weyand
Ronna and Dr. James B. Willis
Barbara Witte
Susan and Don Zaunbrecher

Posthumously Remembered

Helen and Charles Abramovitz
Mrs. Thomas Adler
Robert H. Allen
Karen H. Bell
Eva Jane Romaine Coombe
John V. Crable
John F. Curley
Anne Elkins Didrichsen
Mrs. Elizabeth Easley
James M. Edwards
Felix and Weta Mae Elkins
Margaret M. Embshoff
Jerome A. Fey and Robert J. Schlafle
Stona Fitch
William A. Friedlander
Oliver M. Gale
Mr. Charles W. Goering
Peter Hainline
Carlyn G. Hamilton
Dr. Robert J. Hasl
Mrs. Morse Johnson
Stanley M. Kaplan, M.D.
Keith Lemmerman
Maurice E. Oshry
George Rieveschl
Launcey Roder
Lois Rosenthal
Gene F. Santoro
Mr. Robert C. Schiff, Sr.
Karl and Roberta Schlachter
Mary Louise Schroth
Rick Steiner
Jane K. Steinfirst
Thurza R. Sternberg
Charles and Sue Straus
Joan Thomas
Howard Tomb
Albert Vontz, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Dick Waite
Gladys C. Warshauer
Monte Witte

Next Steps

Please contact Lynn Smith, CFRE, at 513-977-2067 or for more information.

Legal Name: Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park
Address: 962 Mt. Adams Circle, Cincinnati OH 45202
Federal Tax ID Number: 31-0624790

Stock Transfer Information
When making a stock transfer, please have your broker indicate the name of the donor, the name and number of shares being transferred, and the purpose for which the donation is being made (annual fund, endowment, special gift, etc). Our account representative can be reached at (513) 621-4612, Ext. 540.

  • Charles Schwab, DTC#0164, code 40
  • Account Name: Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park
  • Account Number: #4116-2266

Header image of Bill Doyle (Lieutenant Roberts) and Joneal Joplin (Doc) in Mister Roberts. Photo by Jerry Naunheim, Jr.